October 10, 2019: We Are Healers

We did not go into medicine to survive in a system of computer/paper work, administrative hassle, financial struggles, or corporate employee gamesmanship.

by Dr. Scott Conard

We are healers, and we make a tremendous difference in our patients lives. But misaligned incentives, the industrialization of medicine, legal and administrative burdens, and the perceived lack of value of primary care is creating a situation where surviving has replaced thriving.

Our patients, the corporations they work for, and the US need us to get back to our purpose. The healthcare system must be built on a foundation of high quality, advanced primary care – and those delivering it must thrive, not just survive.

This transformation begins with primary care providers investing in themselves and becoming the influential forces they can be. Working together, standing for themselves and their patients, with a clear and articulate message, we will make a stand for our value, the health and well being of our patients, and the success of our practices.

If you are in primary care and are ready for change, then come reconnect with why you went into medicine, reconnect with the excitement and satisfaction you imagined, and become the leader in your lives, practices, community, and maybe the nation for the primary care system that will serve you, your patients, our corporations, and the country.

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