October 28, 2019: What is Advanced Primary Care?

Please find below some thoughts on what Advanced Primary Care includes.
by Dr. Scott Conard

These values and principles are written to include all that provide primary care – from rural health, community centers, standard fee for service or prepaid practices. Also, the ability to include this range of services…

October 21, 2019: Primary Care for All

An initiative that will transform the U.S. health system so that it is driven by Advanced Primary Care
by Dr. Scott Conard

There is a group of us who are working together to bring a foundation of advanced primary care to every American. With this foundation we can establish a…

October 10, 2019: We Are Healers

We did not go into medicine to survive in a system of computer/paper work, administrative hassle, financial struggles, or corporate employee gamesmanship.
by Dr. Scott Conard

We are healers, and we make a tremendous difference in our patients lives. But misaligned incentives, the industrialization of medicine, legal and administrative burdens,…