MDCEO is a Leadership Development Program.

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You get the practice you are ready to lead.

If your experience of your practice is not what you imagined when you went into medicine we understand and have experienced your frustration. This program will get you reconnected with your “why” and help you plot a clear path to recapturing the great life you envisioned in medicine.

This course guides participants to examine their way of thinking around key ​leadership distinctions ​to successfully build a new enterprise that is capable of growing and changing over time as their leadership grows and evolves.

Ready to take your career to the next level AND rediscover your passion for medicine?

Practicing Advanced Primary Care​

This course will transform the way you view your practice and the way you “do” medicine and will create the roadmap you need to gradually transform to an Advanced Practice.

Educational Objectives for Course​

To define Advanced Primary Care in theory & practice​

To explore the operating system needed to practice Advanced Primary Care​

To assess the current practice operating system relative to the Advanced Primary Care operating system​

To create the roadmap to gradually transform to an Advanced Practice​


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